A self taught photographer, I have been shooting images for 14 years. Having started out with traditional landscapes, my photography has evolved into more intimate, intricate and sometimes abstract images of nature and man's interaction with nature.

I enjoy using a camera to translate our natural surroundings onto pieces of paper, a way of connecting myself to the world. Visual contexts such as shapes, textures, patterns, color, shadow and light are the tools I employ to give the viewer a different perspective on the subject, to remove the literal and get down to the essence of conveying the energy of the subject. I want my work to express what I see and feel. For me the image begins when the work goes beyond merely representing reality and enters into the realm of personal expression. The methods I use are intentional whether in camera or post processing.

Darkroom methods of editing color accuracy, details, contrasts and other tonal adjustments are done to ensure a quality image. I use many software programs to enhance and create what I envision for the final photograph. Prints are done on watercolor rag paper, velvet fine art paper or similar professional paper with archival pigmented inks. I recommend that you contact me for any prints that you might want as these images online are at low resolution.

My work is displayed in several private collections through the Midwest. Please feel free to contact me for any prints or questions. Thank you for your interest in my photography. And please visit my Etsy page where you can find most of these photos for sale. And also, please visit my blog. Just click on the Blog link at the top right or 217-820-9992